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How do I watch the show 🔴 LIVE?

CLICK HERE! There are a number of ways to watch and participate, daily. We stream live on our YouTube channel at 9am PST / High Noon EST (@Highat9News)

What is the benefit of having an account on High at 9 News?

Keep up with your favorite correspondents' event schedules, including access to private events and content across the High at 9 News website! 

How do I joint the conversation?

Create an account to comment and participate by clicking the top right "log in" button. You can use a variety of different ways to create your own profile.

What is the difference between Subscribing and Creating an Account on High at 9?

Subscribing will add you to the email list for special announcements (etc.) sent directly to your email.
Creating an account will automatically Subscribe you to our newsletter AND allow you to join in on the conversation here! ➡️

Okay... How do I actually join the conversation and become involved?

Commenting on articles is highly encouraged, here. We would love to foster an environment in which Cannabis Industry Pros are inspired to share their authentic thoughts, opinions and experiences.

If I leave comments on articles here, or submit a Hot Tip - will anyone see it or comment back?

YES! Our Correspondents get direct notifications for all site engagement, which we then discuss ON AIR. We want to hear your seasoned and/or heated opinions on these headlines!

Follow Your Favorite Canna-Correspondent

Create an account and follow your favorite correspondent to engage with their daily stories, here at High at 9 News.

#1 Daily
Cannabis News Show

"I tune in because it's the best way for me to keep up to date on everything happening in cannabis around the world and get a couple of laughs each morning while I'm working."


Corey @Weedmaps

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