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11-year-old NYC boy overdoses on pot gummies at Super Bowl party

By Georgia Worrell

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An 11-year-old Staten Island boy was hospitalized after gobbling up THC gummies he mistook for candy at a Super Bowl party — and now his mom is urging the mayor to do something to prevent potential tragedies involving edibles.

Veronica Gill noticed her son, Ryan, “acting really strange” after returning home from a gathering at their friends’ house in New Springville, she told The Post.

“My son was sitting on the couch with me, and he started zoning out. At first, I thought he was pretending because he opened his eyes wide and laughed. Then he would zone out for a minute again, then open his eyes wide and laugh,” she said.

Gill became concerned when the youngster’s laughter suddenly turned into cries for help — and his body started shaking.