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2 years ago, a 21 year old college student was getting gas

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

- Marc Wasserman, Pot Brothers at Law

While backing up, she accidentally hit an Ice Machine causing minor damage.

The gas station attendant called the police. Two officers arrived on scene, one of the officers, who took the lead, was being trained.

Our client spoke with the gas station attendant and apologized and gave her insurance information, The cops came and the gas station attendant said that she was very calm and polite. The cops, having smelled some cannabis, asked her if she had smoked. Unfortunately she didn't STFU at this point and said yes I smoked a bowl around 9am (it was now 6pm).

The officer in training would turn her body cam off and on during the course of the DUI investigation. she did the Field Sobriety Tests next, which she should not have as they are voluntary in California (google your state). Our client asked the officer wy she has to do it,

The officer in training tells her that its for her safety and that you can't really pass or fail the test.


She does the FST's, officer determines she is DUI, arrests her and then searches the car, incident to that arrest and finds a vile of cocaine which belonged to her boyfriend.

The City Prosecutor wanted jail time and a plea to the DUI and COKE!


We filed several motions including one attacking the entire DUI investigation which lead to the coke.

In court this morning, the City Prosecutor starting talking deals, which we rejected and said we will go to Trial unless you drop the DUI and call this what it was, an accident, reckless driving and dismiss the COKE charge! After 10 minutes of going back and forth and shooting down everyone of his arguments we CUT THE DEAL for a charge of reckless driving and thats it.

The take away from this case is that you must get read of that cannabis smell when driving around (cops jump right to DUI) and you MUST learn our 25 word Script and SHUT THE FUCK UP METHOD.

Fact is, if our client never admitted to smoking that morning and the car didn't smell, it would have been just an accident. Since its Shut the Fuck Up Friday and we do the Script Challenge LIVE at noon on our IG (@pot_brothers_at_law )

who is ready for The Script Challenge DAILY SCRIPT REVIEW!


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