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3,175 pounds of marijuana stuffed into lining of tires inside semi truck entering Detroit

Semi truck hauling tires stopped at border

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DETROIT – Officials intercepted more than 3,000 pounds of marijuana that had been stuffed into the lining of tires on a semi truck entering Detroit.

Officers with United States Customs and Border Protection made the discovery April 20 at the Fort Street Cargo Facility.

The marijuana was found after a semi truck hauling tires was sent for additional screening at the border. When officers inspected the tires at the cargo facility, they found hidden packages of marijuana, brown packing paper, and garbage bags.

“The CBP officers in Detroit continue to work diligently, day and night, to accomplish our border security mission in order to protect our nation and the communities we serve,” Port Director Devin Chamberlain said.

A total of 3,175 pounds of marijuana, the tires, and the semi truck were seized by authorities.

CBP officials said it’s still illegal to import marijuana into the country because it’s a Schedule 1 controlled substance. Travelers can click here to learn more about regulations.


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