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$42K for Chocolate? Zen Cannabis is Taking a Potent Bite Out of the 420 Holiday With Giant Edible

$42K for Chocolate? Zen Cannabis is Taking a Potent Bite Out of the 420 Holiday With The Next Giant Edible Reveal in Oklahoma City

By: High at 9 News

As the celebration of the history 420 holiday grows across the United States, one Oklahoma City-based chocolatier is taking the special day to a whole new level with the unveiling of THE BIG ZEN.

This cannabis-infused chocolate bar is set to be the largest, most powerful, and most expensive of its kind and will hit stores today, April 20th! Created by renowned chocolatier Jeremy Zachary and his team at Zen Cannabis, THE BIG ZEN is a record-breaking creation, containing over 100 pounds of cannabis flower and 4.2 million mgs of THC, packed into a 9 by 4 foot, 420-pound bar, and retailing at $42,000.

Our team at High at 9 News was able to interview Jeremy, the founder of Zen Cannabis, on his passion for this extravagant chocolate journey for the day of celebration for cannabis crafted in Oklahoma City.

Inspiration for THE Chocolate Bar Edible

High at 9 News: What inspired you to create the Big Zen chocolate bar?

Jeremy Zachary: “The pursuit of creating 'the best' is what we do daily. A lot of pride and care goes into all of our products. We thought it would be fun to create a humongous chocolate bar, and in doing the research, we realized the bar was low to break a record. So we are breaking a record and breaking three-in-one: the most potent cannabis edible ever created, the largest cannabis edible ever created, and the most expensive cannabis edible ever created. We like being at the top of our game and raising the bar for the industry.”

Zen Cannabis has unveiled THE BIG ZEN, a record-breaking cannabis-infused chocolate bar containing over 100 pounds of cannabis flower and 4.2 million mgs of THC. This 9-foot by 4-foot, the 420-pound bar is the most powerful, extensive, and expensive of its kind, showcasing the company’s passion for uplifting the cannabis holiday to a new level. Jeremy Zachary, the chocolatier behind the creation, emphasizes that creating ‘the best’ is what they do daily and are proud to be breaking three records with the Big Zen.

Want to Buy It? Bring Your Forklift

High at 9 News: What's the plan for the giant-infused chocolate bar?

Zachary: “We'll unveil the 420-pound chocolate bar on 4/20 and sell it as a 4:20 special. It's a steal at only $42,000. If you purchased 4.2 million milligrams individually, it would cost you twice as much. So one lucky person who wishes to have the world's largest edible on their table will claim to own the world's largest infused product.”

This record-breaking, delicious treat is an opportunity not to be missed. The world's largest edible is up for grabs, but you'll need to bring a forklift to pick it up!

High at 9 News: Was this a complicated process?

Zachary: “This is an extremely complicated process that requires almost five liters of oil. You can imagine how difficult it is to pour and temper this much chocolate! So many great people have come together to make this world record happen, and the teamwork has made the dream work. Our production team worked tirelessly on this beast for weeks, putting in long evenings to ensure The Big Zen came out perfectly!”

A Memorable Moment for Cannabis History Taking Place in Oklahoma City

High at 9 News: Any other interesting info you can share with our readers and live viewers on the big 4/20 event?

Zachary: “Other than The Big Zen smashing the cannabis potency ceiling with a mouth-watering 4.2 million mgs of THC using over 100 pounds of flower, we have many other fun facts. This Oklahoma City operation took twelve 40-gallon vats of milk chocolate and an army of twelve people working six hours a day for fifteen days to make. Now, that's dedication! We're just so pumped about The Big Zen as a supersized celebration of the biggest holiday in cannabis. Did I mention this has never been done before?”

Zen Cannabis's THE BIG ZEN chocolate bar is a truly majestic and record-breaking creation from renowned chocolatier Jeremy Zachary and his team in Oklahoma City. Breaking three records in one - the most potent, largest, and most expensive - THE BIG ZEN will make the 420 holidays even more memorable for cannabis enthusiasts. With its twelve 40-gallon bowls of milk chocolate crafted into its nine-foot by-four-foot, 420-pound form, purchasers must bring a forklift to get their slice of THE BIG ZEN.


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