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A Legal View Of Green Dragon vs. Eaze Technologies

By: Dale Schafer, Esq

The founders of Colorado cannabis company, Green Dragon, have sued

Eaze Technologies, Stachs LLC, FoundersJT LLC, and multiple members

of the Board of Directors of Eaze and Executives, for Fraud, Breach of

Contract and multiple other counts. The allegations grow out of a

Merger Agreement and multiple loan agreements between the parties

in 2021 and 2022. The Plaintiffs allege that the individual defendants

and Eaze falsely represented the financial condition of Eaze and how

Eaze was running its California delivery operations. The Plaintiffs allege

Eaze was not able to make payroll when the Merger Agreement was

signed. Further, they allege Eaze was running its California operations in

violation of California law.

The alleged actions of Eaze and the other Defendants were done either

as active co-conspirators or aiders or abettors, including secret Board

meetings and secret agreements. Additionally, Plaintiffs allege the

Defendants owned and operated Eaze and Stachs as their alter ego,

thereby subjecting Defendants to possible personal exposure for the

alleged damages. Plaintiffs seek damages for unlawful acts, accounting

and disgorgement, punitive damages and attorneys fees. Standby for

the response of Eaze. This should be interesting.


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