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Arizona DHS offers details on marijuana recall process over Aspergillus concerns

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PHOENIX — There’s currently an ongoing voluntary recall for certain marijuana products sold in Arizona dispensaries due to possible fungal contamination.

The specific contaminant is “Aspergillus,” a fungus that can cause allergic reactions or infections, especially in people who are already sick.

There have been no reported cases of illness and all potentially contaminated products have been removed from store shelves.

“That will have the name of the producer, the batch number and all of that information,” Travis Ross with Arizona Department of Health Services said. “So, if it all lines up with what we’re saying, then that product is contaminated.”

The AZDSH report: “The products being voluntarily recalled are from Globe Farmacy Inc., EX LHR ORZ Batch number EX042423ORZ and EX LR Guava Mac batch number EX042523GM.” Read the full recall details here.

If you’ve recently purchased items you believe may be included, specific batch numbers for your product can be found on the white sticker attached to all legal marijuana sales in Arizona.

If your product is part of the recall, then he says you can either try to return it to the dispensary (return policies are up to each establishment) or you can dispose of it.

“Throw it in the dumpster or if they have a big trash can that the kids can’t get to, maybe throw it in there,” Ross said. “Disposing of it in a responsible manner just to prevent any kids from accidentally coming upon it.”

Ross also gives a general reminder about food safety that marijuana-infused foods and edibles should be stored safely and at correct temperatures like normal food products.

“There is always that risk of food-borne illness or just other illness from anything else that could be contaminating the marijuana products,” he said.

If you ever buy a marijuana product, recreationally or medically, and believe it may not be safe for consumption or is contaminated in some way, you can inform AZDHS here.

“If someone contacts us saying they got sick from consuming a marijuana product and that can be verified, a recall can start that way,” Ross said. “But at least as of today that hasn’t happened.”

Be sure to reach out to your doctor, as well, if you feel like a marijuana product has in some way made you ill.


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