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Arkansas medical marijuana sales on track to top 2022

Medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas will likely beat the sales they recorded in 2022, a state spokesperson said.

After selling $23.9 million in MMJ products in April, licensed dispensaries in Arkansas have sold $94 million so far this year, according to a news release from the state Department of Finance and Administration (DFA).

Licensed stores sold $94 million in products for the same time period last year.

“On average, patients are spending $787,000 a day at the state’s 38 dispensaries,” DFA spokesperson Scott Hardin said in a statement.

“If this continues, 2023 sales will surpass the $276 million spent in 2022.”

The DFA release highlighted some of the state’s MMJ sales, including:

  • Dispensaries sold a total of 5,043 pounds of medical marijuana.

  • Suite 443, a dispensary in Hot Springs, sold the most MMJ in April – 537 pounds.

  • There are 94,282 active MMJ patient cards, according to the Arkansas Department of Health.


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