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Arkansas Suit Disputing Pot Potency Goes Federal

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An Arkansas company inflates the results of cannabis testing in return for transactions from

certain cultivators in a multimillion-dollar arrangement, a lawsuit removed to federal court on

Friday contends.

The suit was lodged by Jakie Hanan, who said he has been prescribed medical cannabis by a

physician and bought cannabis grown by Osage Creek Cultivation LLC, NSMC-OPCO LLC and

Bold Team LLC and tested by Steep Hill Arkansas.

But Hanan said he noticed some products were "less potent" despite being labeled as having

similar THC content, and because of the inconsistent potency, the products weren't able to

"reliably provide" Hanan the relief he expected. So he had some cannabis tested at another

lab, revealing that product labels using Steep Hill's test results overstated THC content,

according to the lawsuit.

"Excluding Steep Hill, local labs produced results within 10% or better of each other. Steep

Hill's results averaged 25%+ higher than the other labs, depending on the lab, sample pool,

etc.," according to Hanan's lawsuit, filed in Pulaski County Circuit Court in February."


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