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Boston family's home being mistaken for nonexistent marijuana dispensary


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A Boston family is beyond frustrated that their address is connected to a nonexistent marijuana business.

Denise King said multiple people have shown up at her Neponset Avenue home in Dorchester seeking an order they made through Starlight Greens Delivery Dispensary.

According to Massachusetts' Cannabis Control Commission, a marijuana establishment under the name "Starlight Greens Delivery Dispensary" does not exist in the state.

King said one man who traveled to her home said he was there to pick up $154 worth of cannabis products he ordered through Starlight Greens.

"So we talked to him, and we explained to him that we think he's been taken to the cleaners," he said.

According to the website listed for the dispensary, which does not include the words "Starlight Greens," it is a delivery-only cannabis business that makes same-day deliveries to customers within two hours.

So that raises the question: Why were the company's customers asked to pick up their cannabis products? It was one of several red flags spotted by King.

"It's noticeable that it didn't put up one of those (pop-up windows) that says: 'Are you 18 or older?' Did not," King said. "It had no telephone number."

King said she was on hold for two hours when she contacted Google about the issue, so she left a one-star review that read: "Place does not exist."

According to the Google reviews, King was one of several people who left a one-star review and questioned whether Starlight Greens was a legitimate business. But Starlight Greens did have approximately a dozen five-star reviews on Google, leaving the average rating at about four stars.

Yet another red flag for King was when a young woman arrived at her porch for a cannabis order at about midnight Sunday.

"I just explained to her how really weird it was. This is in Massachusetts. You can't get beer after 11 o'clock. There's no way you're going to be able to get pot at the store after 11 o'clock," King said.

King and her husband, Jimmy, filed a report with the Boston Police Department.

"You know, there are people out there that are violent. You know what I mean? You don't know what's coming to the front door," Jimmy King said.

"Get my address off the site," Denise King said.

The Massachusetts Attorney General's Office confirmed to NewsCenter 5 that it is investigating the incidents after receiving a report from the King family.


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