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Calif. Sues Cannabis Cos. Over 'Illegal Inhalable' Hemp

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California has hit several cannabis companies with a lawsuit accusing them of selling "illegal inhalable" hemp goods and failing to warn consumers that the Delta-9 containing products could cause birth defects and cancer.

The complaint accuses nine companies of violating the warning provisions of Prop 65 and some of them of selling inhalable or smokable hemp products, a violation of Assembly Bill 45, which was made into law in October 2021. The state's Attorney General Rob Bonta said in a statement issued Friday that the public must be made aware of the hazards of inhalable hemp.

"I want to be clear: The sales of industrial hemp products that do not comply with California law and the illegal sale of inhalable hemp in California will not be tolerated," Bonta said. "The California Department of Justice will continue to protect the legitimate businesses who are operating responsibly in this space. There is no room for illegal inhalable hemp products in our state."

Most of the businesses targeted were out-of-state companies, including Oregon-based G.E.T. Agriculture Ltd., also known as Tweedle Farms; Nevada-based Hempacco Company Inc.; Wyoming-based IHF Online LLC, also known as Industrial Hemp Farms; Massachusetts-based Berkshire CBD, also known as Cannaflower; Vermont-based Berkshire Farm Collective; and New Mexico-based Eagle Moon Farm LLC, Eagle Moon Hemp LLC and Eagle Moon Wholesale LLC. Only one California company, Cheef Holdings doing business as Cheef Botanicals, was named as a defendant.

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