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Friday, 17 February 2023, 12:33 amStaff8 comments

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Press release from the Department of Cannabis Control:

The Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) is launching its Local Jurisdiction Retail Access Grant, a national first-of-its kind program that will provide local jurisdictions with resources to expand access to regulated cannabis products to underserved areas. The retail access grant will prioritize areas where national surveys find high cannabis consumption but have little to no access to legal cannabis retail. This grant program seeks to incentivize local best practices by prioritizing programs that support equity operators and utilize existing licensing and permitting practices.

For more information on the retail access grant, please visit:

Lack of access to California’s legal cannabis marketplace threatens consumer safety and perpetuates the illegal market. By financially supporting the creation of pathways to retail licensure and creating incentives to ensure consumers have access to legal retail, these grant funds are intended to help reduce illicit market activity and provide consumers with access to legal retail stores and regulated products.

“Expanding access to California’s retail cannabis market is an important step towards protecting consumer safety and supporting a balanced market,” said DCC Director Nicole Elliott. “The retail access grant program ultimately seeks to encourage legal retail operations in areas where existing consumers do not have convenient access to regulated cannabis.”

DCC on Tuesday released the grant guidelines, which outlined application requirements and begins a “Question and Answer” period that all