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California Regulators Embargo Cannabis Products From 3 Companies

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California cannabis regulators on November 9 issued an embargo on products from three companies, claiming the products may have been “adulterated,” SF Gate reports. The letter to the firms, outlined by SF Gate, says the products may contain “poisonous or deleterious” substances but the Department of Cannabis Control (DCC) declined to provide further information.

In an email to SF Gate, David Hafner, a spokesperson for the DCC said the agency “is currently investigating the facts and circumstances related to these products to determine the appropriate next steps, including whether a recall is necessary.”

The products affected by the embargo include Shark Bite Pacific Chemistry pre-rolls, West Coast Cure Biscotti disposable vape pens, and Cru Cannabis Mai Tai disposable vape pens.

The DCC’s letter directs all companies in possession of the products to immediately stop the sale of the products and hold on to them for further investigation. The DCC letter implies that the regulators may have information showing that the original third-party safety tests were inaccurate or that the products were adulterated after being tested.

Hafner indicated that since 2021, the agency has issued 79 products embargoes; however, the DCC does not make them public unless they are subject to a mandatory recall.


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