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Cannabis Co. Dutchie Owes $25M To Distributor, Suit Claims

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E-commerce cannabis company Dutchie bailed on a $24.7 million bill for specially made display monitors and other point-of-sale devices it ordered through a third-party distributor, according to a lawsuit removed to South Carolina federal court last week. ScanSource Inc. claims that it placed multimillion-dollar orders on behalf of Oregon-based Dutchie, which assured the South Carolina-based publicly traded company that it would pay for them. But ScanSource's warehouses are now filled with thousands of custom-made devices, some of which have "Dutchie" etched into them, according to the lawsuit filed in July. ScanSource seeks damages against Dutchie, which is also known as Courier Plus Inc., for not only the cost of these goods but also 12% interest accruing since May 1 and storage fees. According to the lawsuit, Dutchie contracted ScanSource on September 28, 2021, to act as a middleman, purchasing various technology products for it from various vendors. Read more at:



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