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Cannabis Co. Sued Over Veteran's Psychotic Episode

A lawsuit has been filed against a cannabis company following a veteran's psychotic episode allegedly triggered by their product. The case involves Joshua Newton, a U.S. Army veteran, who experienced a severe psychotic episode after consuming a cannabis product from Moxie Seeds & Extracts in 2021. Newton’s family claims the episode resulted in Newton committing a violent act that led to criminal charges and significant personal consequences​ (Courthouse News)​​ (Democracy Docket)​.

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Key Details:

Plaintiff's Allegations: The lawsuit, filed by Newton and his family, alleges that Moxie Seeds & Extracts failed to provide adequate warnings about the potential psychotic effects of their cannabis product. They argue that the company's failure to disclose the risks and the potency of the product contributed directly to Newton's severe reaction​ (Courthouse News)​​ (Democracy Docket)​.

Claims Against the Company: The lawsuit includes claims of negligence, product liability, and failure to warn consumers about potential adverse effects. It seeks damages for the physical, emotional, and financial impacts resulting from the incident​ (Courthouse News)​​ (Democracy Docket)​.

Company's Defense: Moxie Seeds & Extracts has denied responsibility, arguing that their products are safe when used as directed and that the plaintiff’s episode could have been influenced by other factors​ (Courthouse News)​​ (Democracy Docket)​.

Broader Implications: This case highlights the ongoing debates regarding cannabis product safety and the need for clear labeling and consumer education. As more states legalize cannabis, such legal battles may influence future regulatory standards​ (Democracy Docket)​​ (Courthouse News)​.



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