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Cannabis Music Festival coming to Detroit will be city's first live-consumption event

By Jack Nissen Published 3 hours ago

DETROIT (FOX 2) - Detroit's first licensed weed-themed event is coming this April when the 420 Music Fest kicks off on the 29th.

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The block party comes with live DJs, performances, and of course marijuana. The event was announced on the 420musicfest Instagram. It's scheduled to kick off on 2000 Brooklyn Street and other nearby areas.

The event is significant because it will allow for the consumption of cannabis on-site beginning at noon and going through the whole day.

Adult-use for recreational marijuana became legal in 2019, but the sale of cannabis in Detroit only started recently.

The capacity for the event is 2,500 people. There will also be marijuana retailers at the event. The stars of the show include Zion Lion and Motor City Vibrations.

The ticket prices are $30 for general admission and $100 for a VIP spot at the concert.

Learn more about the event and how to get tickets here.


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