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Coast Guard offloads 717 lbs of cocaine, over 2.6K lbs of marijuana in Florida

MIAMI (WFLA) — The U.S. Coast Guard brought home some major loot from its drug busts on the high seas, according to their social media.

Monday, the Cutter Margaret and U.S. Border Patrol offloaded over 717 pounds of cocaine and 2,640 pounds of marijuana in Miami.

In total, the seized contraband was worth over $12 million.

The Coast Guard offloads these narcotics routinely as part of Campaign Martillo.

The campaign is an effort by American forces and other nations to combat drug trafficking routes along Central America.

Drug traffickers are not just a problem for American crews in the Caribbean. Cartels also travel across the East Pacific Ocean to deliver their narcotics to American soil.

The Coast Guard said on July 18, a crew offloaded even more drugs, 11,600 pounds of cocaine and 5,500 pounds of marijuana, in San Diego.


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