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Commerce city councilwoman faces felony marijuana charges following report of leaked nude photo

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A member of the Commerce City Council was arrested recently on felony charges involving marijuana, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

Councilwoman Roshuanda Merritt, 43, of Commerce surrendered to the Jackson County Jail on Friday where she was charged with criminal attempt to commit the sale of marijuana and the use of a telecommunication facility to facilitate a felony, the GBI reported.

The allegations surfaced during an unrelated investigation by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, which was investigating a complaint by Merritt that a nude photo of her had been posted on social media.

During the investigation, the drug allegations surfaced in December and Jackson County Sheriff Janis Mangum said she asked the GBI’s Appalachian Regional Drug Enforcement Office to investigate the drug allegations. The office covers 30 counties in northeast Georgia.

The drug unit filed the charges and the GBI reported the drug investigation is ongoing.

Mangum said Monday that the investigation into Merritt’s initial complaint is also ongoing.

“I anticipate some charges out of that,” she said.

Merritt in her report on Dec. 9 to the sheriff’s office said she believes the photo of her was taken about seven years ago and believes a former friend may be responsible for what happened last year.

Sheriff’s investigators have the names of possible suspects who may be involved in posting that picture and others.



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