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Company Says Deal For Cannabis License Was Lawful"

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"A California attorney and his partners accused of targeting a disabled man with promises of high returns on a cannabis venture and then cheating him out of profits have told a state court the dispute belongs in arbitration because the deal was aboveboard and the man had plenty of time to review it.

Attorney Kimble Cannon and Thrive Social Equity Manager VIII LLC, the company that now-deceased partner Brandon Shubunka was working alongside on the cannabis venture, said Tuesday there has been "absolutely no evidence" of an "unconscionable" deal, asserting the arrangement was lawful when entered into — even though at least one aspect is not. Plaintiff Cortney Newton, who represents Shubunka's estate, has argued that the agreements are illegal and violate the requirement that Shubunka have unconditional ownership of at least 51% of his business." Company Says Deal For Cannabis License Was Lawful


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