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Congresswoman wants marijuana plants displayed at US Botanic Garden

BY JULIA MUELLER - 05/11/23 3:41 PM ET

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Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D), who represents Washington, D.C., in the House of Representatives, wants marijuana plants to be featured in the U.S. Botanic Garden.

“As this country moves towards legalizing cannabis, I asked the Botanic Garden to display marijuana plants for the first time, esp[ecially] given its impact on the economy,” Norton said in a tweet. She added that this ask follows an earlier request for the garden to display hemp, which she’s “pleased it now does.”

In a letter to the Botanic Garden’s executive director, Susan Pell, Norton noted that the House has passed a number of bills in recent years that would have legalized the drug.

“As individual states and the country as a whole are moving toward the legalization of marijuana, having a display with male and female marijuana plants would be a historic opportunity to highlight the impact of marijuana on American society and, especially, the American economy,” Norton said in a press release about the letter.

Recreational marijuana use is now legalized in nearly half of the U.S. states and in D.C. Voters in Maryland and Missouri approved recreational marijuana during last year’s midterms, while voters in Arkansas, North Dakota and South Dakota shot the move down.

In the letter to the Botanic Garden, Norton requested a response in writing by May 24.


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