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Disney World Now Drug Testing All Guests, Leading to Bans

Updated: Jan 2

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Disney World is known as a place for families to go and have fun. However, recently, there has been a rise in adults going to Disney without kids. This is why Disney added the one-child policy, which we reported on here. However, there has been another issue plaguing Disney World and that is drugs. Because of this Disney World is now drug testing guests when they enter their parks, leading to many bans.

Disney World is now drug testing all guests before entering the parks

Many people see Disney as a destination for drinking. In fact, it’s so prominent there that Disney removed the drinking age in their parks, which we reported on here. But very few people talk about the drug issues at Disney World. In fact, we learned how bad it really is from an internal source. It’s this rampant drug issue that’s causing Disney to drug test guests prior to entering their parks.

The Disney World Drug Problem

According to an internal source, drugs are a huge problem at Disney World. In fact, it’s estimated that 4 out of 10 adults at Disney are under the influence of various drugs. This becomes a problem when it leads to fights and other altercations with guests. It also leads to guests yelling profanities at other guests in lines like Soarin’ for example. Our source confirmed that the problem gets worse every year.

Disney adds drug tests to their security checkpoints

Our source confirms that this rising use of drugs is making their parks more dangerous and less family-friendly. We all know Disney is moving away from the family unit by making Moana the first transgender Disney princess and Elsa marrying a woman. However, they are at least trying to keep their theme parks family-friendly. 

There are even accounts of people selling drugs inside Disney World. We asked why so many people use drugs inside Disney World. According to our source, people do this to “improve their experience”. They also state that some rides are better when you’re under the influence. Our source confirms that viral TikTok videos have played a significant role in the increase in drug use at Disney World.

Disney Drug Testing All Guests

Now, anyone who enters Disney World will be subject to a rapid drug test. Of course, this will only apply to guests older than 9 years old. Disney will not confirm what drugs are being tested for. This is to avoid people attempting to find a loophole by using different drugs not tested for. However, as time goes on, people will probably figure out which drugs are tested for and which aren’t.

Simulated view of what Disney World looks like to guests on drugs

The rapid drug tests use proprietary technology developed for Disney. Upon going through security, guests stick their fingers in a new device. This device scans their finger and will have results in seconds. Many people are concerned that this will make the security lines longer at Disney World. While it may have some impact, our source doesn’t expect it to be significant.

If the drug test results are positive, security will take that guest off to the side. They can appeal it with a more in-depth drug test in case of a false positive. However, if they fail the appeal as well, Disney will not allow them into the park that day and hit them with a 30-day ban from Disney World. This is to discourage them from attempting to show up to the parks again under the influence of drugs. If a guest fails the drug test more than three times at Disney World, they may be subject to a lifetime ban from Disney World.


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