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Driver found with 35 pounds of marijuana, tried to blame smell on air freshener, police say

ATLANTA — A man who was pulled over for multiple minor traffic violations is behind bars after officials say he was found in possession of multiple pounds of marijuana.

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Atlanta police said on Jan. 17, officers pulled over a vehicle on Peachtree Road NE near East Shadowlawn Avenue NE for multiple minor traffic violations.

While speaking with the driver, identified as 34-year-old Lawrence Lindsey, officers reported that they smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from inside the car.

In body camera footage from the incident, officers are seen questioning the driver about the smell.

“How much weed is in the car,” one officer asked. “Either you burned it, or you got raw marijuana.”

“I haven’t smoked. There’s none,” the driver said. “I have air freshener in here I spray it, so maybe that’s what you guys smelled. I don’t smoke.”

“Trust us, we know what it smells like,” officers said.

After denying that he had marijuana on him multiple times, Lindsey was detained while the officers searched the vehicle. According to the report, when the officers opened the trunk of Lindsey’s car, they discovered a duffle bag filled with 35 pounds of marijuana.

Lindsey was arrested and charged with trafficking illegal drugs, failure to signal and brake light violation.


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