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Ex-Partners 'Knowingly Sold' Knockoffs, Vape Maker Says

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After spending a few months caught up in a fight over attorney sanctions, the owner of the "Big Chief" trademark is asking a Los Angeles County court to rule that his former business partners "knowingly sold counterfeit" cannabis vapes under the name and to bar them from further infringements.

Samuel Kim and Big Chief product distributor Cali Blue Sky Investment Inc. filed a motion Wednesday seeking summary adjudication, once again urging the state court to give them an overall win in the infringement litigation they find themselves locked in against JRJS LLC and its principals.

The filing says it's clear at this point that Kim is the "undisputed senior user" of the Big Chief trademark when it comes to tobacco and nicotine products, such as e-cigarettes, which is the central product at issue. Kim and Cali Blue seek a final order finding that JRJS is liable on all infringement claims lodged against it, and are asking the court to totally dispense with JRJS's counter claims.


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