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Florida cannabis dispensary collects enough signatures to get recreational marijuana on the ballot.

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TAMPA, Fla. - Trulieve says it has collected more than 965,000 signatures for the Smart and Safe Campaign to legalize the adult use of recreational marijuana in Florida.

That's more than enough signatures to get on the 2024 ballot, assuming the ballot language is approved by the state supreme court, a heavily conservative-leaning court.

Attorney General Ashley Moody is among those fighting it, saying the court should reject the proposal. Still, this advancement in the process has the pro-legalization side feeling confident.

"I have confidence that it's going to pass the Supreme Court review. And then really, you know, it's up to the voters and the people of Florida," said Michael Minardi, an attorney and Chairman of Regulate Florida.

If the initiative does pass, it would need the approval of at least 60 percent of voters. In 2016, 71 percent of voters approved medical marijuana.

Minardi believes legalization would increase tourism, jobs and create a tax windfall.

"Absolutely, I would see in excess of, you know, one to two billion dollars the first couple of years of adult use here in the state of Florida," he said.

On the other hand, opponents say Florida doesn't need another intoxicant, especially in the hands of kids.

"There's more problems with abuse and addiction. We need more treatment. So, I think the costs would be much higher than the average voter would know about," said Ellen Snelling with the Hillsborough County Anti-Drug Alliance. "It's kind of like marijuana on crack. We do not need this legalized in our state," she added.

Trulieve says it has polling that shows 65 percent of Floridians support legalization.


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