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Florida, Hemp Co. Spar Over Out-Of-State Sales Under '19 Law

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A Fort Lauderdale hemp-product company is asking a federal judge to block allegedly unconstitutional stop-sale orders a Florida regulator imposed on its products, while the state regulator is pushing to have the company's suit scrapped in deference to a pending administrative hearing process.

In a motion for injunctive relief filed Sunday, Just Brands LLC said it faces "crippling financial losses and a deprivation of its rights under the [constitutional] commerce clause" after the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services overstepped its authority under a Sunshine State hemp law and imposed stop-sale orders on products the company intended to sell outside Florida.

The dispute centers around a 2019 hemp law and an amendment Florida lawmakers passed earlier this year regarding hemp products that are deemed "attractive to children" because of the products' likeness to things such as foods, candies, animals, people or cartoon characters.


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