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Four More States Push New Psychedelic Reforms

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The psychedelics industry is quickly gaining momentum across the U.S. as lawmakers work to further the reform and development of the industry through the introduction of relevant bills and votes in four additional states.

These include Utah, Iowa, New Hampshire, and Missouri.

A Steadily Growing Industry

These latest developments do not surprise me as the industry has steadily been growing and gaining more interest in recent months, calling for more significant action and federal reform. Even in Hawaii, traditionally known to have strict policies against drug usage, they recently passed a bill to promote research into psychedelics, namely psilocybin and MDMA.

This increase in activity across several states can be attributed to two main factors, though there may be others.

In the first case, there has been increasing curiosity surrounding newer and varied forms of therapeutic treatments, for instance, the use of entheogenic substances such as psilocybin. Secondly, many are calling for decriminalization when it comes to the possession of natural plants and fungi.