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'Grey's Anatomy' actors sue Connecticut school board, others after pot-laced candy left on bus

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Two actors from "Grey’s Anatomy" — along with another parent — filed a lawsuit against a school and bus company after their child and a friend were allegedly hospitalized for ingesting a cannabis-laced candy that was left on their school bus.

"Grey’s Anatomy" actors Scott Foley and Marika Dominczyk, who are now married, filed the lawsuit with another parent after their son and a friend took the school bus home on Dec. 12, 2022, and ate a bag of candy that was apparently left by another student-but was laced with THC, according to FOX 61.

The lawsuit was filed against the Westport, Connecticut, Board of Education, Board Chairman Lee Goldstein, Superintendent Thomas Scarice, bus company DATTCO, Inc., DATTCO President Donald Devivo, as well as the bus driver.

According to the lawsuit, a police investigation discovered the bag was left by a 15-year-old high school student who was on the bus before the elementary school kids.

The two children complained to the couple's nanny about an hour after ingesting the laced chocolate that they were feeling dizzy, confused, and had stomach issues.

The lawsuit states that the nanny was worried the kids had "eaten something that they should not have eaten."

When Scott and Marika arrived back at their house, they noticed their son's friend "as having lost all of the color from her face, her eyes as sunken with dark circles under them, and the whites of her eyes as bloodshot," the lawsuit states, noting that their son looked "sickly, lethargic."

The two children were at the hospital for several hours, and the couple's son was intoxicated for over 30 hours, according to the lawsuit.


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