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Gun discovered during search for marijuana

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Lamar, Pa. — State police stopped a man in Lamar who had a pistol and marijuana inside his vehicle, according to a complaint.

Daniel Luis Diaz, 26, of Mount Carmel denied requests to search his car on Oct. 23 in Lamar Township, Trooper Hunter Hall said. A drug dog was called to the eastbound lane of I-80 just past interchange 178, Hall added.

Diaz allegedly merged onto the highway driving much slower than the posted speed limit. As a line of traffic grew, Diaz continued to drive slowly, causing Hall to active his emergency lights, according to his report.

Diaz immediately exited his vehicle as Hall approached, according to the affidavit. Hall ordered him to stand by the passenger’s side of his cruiser. Hall claimed he could smell burnt marijuana, according to the affidavit.

Diaz denied requests to search the vehicle before a K-9 unit was called, Hall wrote. After a positive response for narcotics from the dog, Diaz was taken into custody before a search warrant for the vehicle was requested, according to the report.

Hall struggled with Diaz, who allegedly pulled away from his attempts to handcuff him. Diaz claimed he had a medical marijuana card. He even handed over a joint at one point, according to the report.

A Kimber Micro .380 semi-automatic handgun was discovered by investigators during a search of the vehicle, Hall said. It was found in the center console, well within in reach of Diaz during the traffic stop, Hall added.

Diaz was charged with third-degree felony firearms not to be carried without a license, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, marijuana possession, driving too slow for conditions, and use below minimum speed limit. He was released on $15,000 unsecured bail

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