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Hemp Co. Bids To Reverse 'Irrational' UK Gov't CBD Ban

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A hemp company has asked a London court for permission to challenge the U.K. government's decision to ban imports of its cannabis-derived products based on a trace of a controlled chemical.Jersey Hemp Ltd. asked the High Court for judicial review of the Home Office's "irrational" import ban over its oil containing cannabidiol, or CBD, under U.K. drug laws, according to a March 13 judicial review application made public Tuesday.
It says officials wrongly held that the product falls outside of exemptions which allow the import of products containing controlled drugs where the product is not designed to administer that banned substance, in this case tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC."The manufacturing process attempts to remove all controlled cannabinoids, including THC, so far as possible," Jersey Hemp claimed, going as far as to say that "the product is designed to ensure that THC is not administered."The company manufactures CBD products which it sells to consumers in Jersey and the U.K. through distributors such as Tesco PLC. The U.K. market — which is now off limits — usually generates 90% of its business, the claim says.Jersey Hemp said its key product is a "premium organic broad spectrum CBD oil" which it sells in various concentrations. The U.K.'s Food Standards Agency lists the product as permissible on its novel food application register, the company said.CBD is not a controlled drug, but is an extract of the cannabis sativa plant. This leaves behind a trace of THC, which Jersey Hemp said is beneath the legal cap of 1mg.


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