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Instagram Flips After Snoop Dogg Posts Video Smoking in Front of Granddaughters

Updated: Feb 28

Snoop Dogg posted a video smoking a blunt in the studio, and commenters were quick to point out that his grandkids were present.

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Snoop Dogg is once again stirring up a grand debate due to his unapologetic and unwavering love of the herb—no matter who’s around. There’s absolutely nothing atypical of Snoop smoking a blunt in the studio, but people are concerned that his grandkids were in the room. 

Snoop Dogg posted an Instagram video on Wednesday, Feb. 21 smoking a blunt in a recording studio, but it outraged some commenters because two of his granddaughters were in the room as he smoked.

HipHopDX first reported the incident that led to the comments section going wild. It sparked up a huge debate: Should parents—and grandparents, for that matter—be allowed to smoke in the presence of a child? And how close is too close?

“The West Coast rap legend posted a clip on Instagram on Wednesday of himself in a recording studio surrounded by his granddaughters as he smoked a blunt,” HipHopDX reports. “The video was widely condemned in the comments section, with Snoop being criticized for smoking the drug around infant children.”

The video was widely condemned in the comments section, with Snoop being criticized for smoking the drug around infant children. Parenting and cannabis is always a controversial topic.

“Nobody and I do mean NOBODY smoking around my babies,” one commenter wrote. Another wrote, “Like Seriously … Is there a blunt in his hand in front of the grand babies? Come man, damn.”

“Burning with the kids????” another commenter asked.

But other commenters said it’s better than smoking tobacco in front of kids, or in a car. “Y’all talkin bout smokin weed around kids??” one commenter posted in response. “Half of u smokin Marlboro with the soccer kids in the back of the minivan.”

Snoop Dogg and Controversy Over Smoking

Last November, Snoop Dogg announced that he’s quitting “smoking” in a post that went viral, but it turned out to be a hugely successful stunt.

But after all that, some X users pointed out some unusual details, and it turns out that the “smoke” Snoop was actually giving up was smoke stoves, and he’s behind the Solo Stove, the “world’s most popular smokeless fire pit.” Solo Stove shareholders were not amused, for not producing revenue, however, and it allegedly led to a CEO change.

Snoop pissed off Piers Morgan and drew the wrath of English soccer fans over a pro-weed meme in 2019. He faced online backlash for a social media post designed to highlight the disparate dangers between cannabis and alcohol. Pot advocates have long touted that cannabis is safer than booze and other drugs, of course, but Snoop ran afoul by using a legendary but troubled former English soccer player to illustrate that comparison.

The meme he posted showed four photos: two of Snoop and two of Paul Gascogine, a decorated soccer player who starred for the England national team and clubs like Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur in the 1980s and 1990s. 

The two photos of Gascogine, placed under a caption that read “Alcohol Abuse,” show him at age 20 and 47 with clear signs of physical deterioration evident. Under the caption “Marijuana Abuse,” the pair of photos of Snoop at the same two ages with no major differences in his appearance. 

Gascoigne’s life has been equally turbulent off the field. He entered therapy in the late 1990s, while still a player, to treat his alcoholism—the first of several stints in treatment. He has struggled to maintain his sobriety since then. 

Wiz Khalifa Agrees That Kids Know

Wiz Khalifa, a frequent collaborator with Snoop, isn’t exactly hiding the fact that he’s smoking weed, in a similar fashion.

On the podcast Call Her Daddy last January, Wiz Khalifa explained that he’s chill with going to the parent-teacher conference stoned. Since smoking weed is an all-day, every day activity for the rapper, the host asked Wiz specifically if he is stoned during parent-teacher conferences.

“Hell yeah, I’m pulling up stoned. They expect it,” Wiz told Call Her Daddy host Alex Cooper. “They know what’s up. It’s not like back in the day, where you’re considered a bad parent if you smell like weed.”

Wiz explained that he’d rather have his son see his true self, and that he’s not pretending to be anyone else. “They’re not going to get a fake version of me or this made-up parent that society makes you think that you’re supposed to be. I am who I am, and it’s not because I’m a celebrity or anything.”

But hiding who he really is, just to adhere to what others expect a parent is supposed to be like? “That’s not how I’m going to be living my life ever. Hell no,” Wiz said.


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