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Kentucky doctor warns parents to be aware of marijuana use signs in children

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Dr. Angela Houchin is a pediatrician with UK HealthCare. She says the effects of vaping marijuana are much stronger than smoking it.

“The marijuana that is used in vapes specifically is 60-80% concentrate, compared to what they used to call a joint, which could just be 20% THC,” said Dr. Houchin.

Part of the concern, Dr. Houchin says, is that you often don’t know how your body will respond, especially when children and teens use these vapes.

“You’ve probably seen multiple of the news stories of people found in school hallways just out, and then they find out that they had used a marijuana vape,” said Dr. Houchin.

On Friday, the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said a high school student was found unresponsive in a hallway after using a THC vape pen. They say another student, 18-year-old Alexander Davalos, sold the pen to the student. He was arrested on felony and misdemeanor charges.

Dr. Houchin says if you’re worried your child may be under the influence of marijuana, there are some signs you can watch for.

“Typical symptoms of marijuana use are bloodshot eyes, and they can be anxious, jittery. They often will have a voracious appetite after consuming marijuana, and they just get very high and very chill for some people,” said Dr. Houchin.

If you find a THC vape pen in your child’s possession, Dr. Houchin says you should have a conversation with them about it and consider reaching out to their pediatrician.


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