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Local doctor seeing cases of teens consuming marijuana laced with fentanyl

Mandy Murphey

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ST. LOUIS – With recreational marijuana for people 21 years of age and older now legal in Missouri, a now problem is surfacing. Doctors are seeing cases of marijuana being mixed with fentanyl.

Dr. Michael Wenzinger, a staff psychiatrist at Washington University School of Medicine, has seen a few cases where teenagers have inadvertently consumed the combination. He doesn’t want to alarm people about this, but says parents need to have it on their radar.

Wenzinger says among his practice and his peers, he’s seeing more kids who thought they were just smoking marijuana when drug screens showed fentanyl.

The marijuana-fentanyl mixture cases are very recent. Overall, marijuana use among teens is up. Doctors say the general feeling is that since it’s sold in dispensaries, it’s safe to consume. But those people are not taking into consideration what others are doing with the drug after buying it from legal businesses.


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