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Medical cannabis storefronts in Maine forming union to advocate for the industry

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The Maine Cannabis Union held its first meet-and-greet event for members Saturday night.

Author: Anne Baldridge Published: 10:04 AM EDT October 16, 2023 Updated: 10:04 AM EDT October 16, 2023

DIXMONT, Maine — Over the course of just one year, from 2021 to 2022, cannabis sales in the state of Maine experienced an astonishing twofold increase.

While a growing number of people are embracing cannabis for recreational use, it's important to note that cannabis is also being used medicinally to help alleviate chronic pain and various other medical conditions. Cannabis workers in Maine have united to form a union with the goal of advocating for their rights and better working conditions.

Melissa Wilcox, a concerned mother, shared her emotional journey. Her son, Troy, was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in October.

The ordeal was heart-wrenching for the family.

"It was miserable, and it broke my heart. Watching your kid go through this is the worst thing possible," Melissa recounted.

At just two years old, Troy received certification to be treated with medical marijuana. His mother turned to Dirt Road Acres in Dixmont, where Troy became their youngest patient. He began his treatment with CBG, CBD, and RSO oils.

After a few weeks, Mellissa noticed remarkable improvements that hadn't been seen before. "Almost instantly his demeanor improved, his attention improved, he was laughing again, smiling, singing; he was just happy again," she said.

Dirt Road Acres' owner, Jennifer Belcher, has been treating patients with cancer since 2018. However, her journey took a personal turn when she was diagnosed with Stage 3 vulvar cancer two years ago. Determined to overcome this obstacle, she said she consumed 3 grams of RSO oil for 90 days leading up to her surgery.

Jennifer's remarkable recovery was evident.

"When they removed my lipoids at Dana Farber Hospital, I had no cancer in my lipoid; it went from 6 millimeters to none," Belcher said.

Following her surgery, she said she abstained from pharmaceuticals, relying solely on her chemotherapy treatments and medical marijuana from her shop.

"This absolutely saved my life," Belcher said. She has since transitioned into working with cancer centers to provide relief to patients. As a store owner, Belcher recently joined the newly formed Maine Cannabis Union. The union's primary goal is to advocate for the welfare of workers within the cannabis industry.

Kelley Ammons, the Maine Cannabis Union coordinator, emphasized the importance of unity in the industry.

"At the end of the day, we have to all work together to grow the cannabis industry in Maine," Ammons said.

To achieve its mission, the union is committed to improving wages, benefits, and workplace conditions for all employees within the industry. Their efforts aim to create a safer and more supportive environment for workers while promoting responsible cannabis usage.

The Maine Cannabis Union held its first meet-and-greet event for members on Saturday night. For those interested in learning more about the Maine Cannabis Union and its mission to protect and improve the cannabis industry in Maine, you can visit their website here.


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