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Michigan Pot Seller Banned From State Industry After Violations

A Detroit cannabis company and its owner can no longer sell the drug legally after regulators found partially smoked products on-site, Michigan's Cannabis Regulatory Agency said.

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The agency announced an agreement Friday with Klean Herbal Solutions LLC that will permanently ban the business and its owner, Mario Seman, from taking part in Michigan's cannabis industry in any capacity.

Seman was unable to be reached for comment Tuesday. The business had been nonoperational since September 2021, when the ground adjacent to its facility buckled, according to the state.

Records provided by the agency show it filed formal complaints against Klean Herbal Solutions in October and December 2021, giving notice of its intent to impose fines or other sanctions against the company.

Before the ground issue, the agency said, it had received a complaint about employees smoking in an upstairs area connected to the Klean facility and upon inspection found partially smoked cannabis products on the floor of the upstairs area.


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