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Mother of three arrested after 16-month-old reportedly vomits marijuana at daycare

SHREVEPORT, La. (KSLA) - A mother has been arrested after her 16-month-old reportedly threw up marijuana at daycare.

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On May 31, detectives responded to a hospital on reports that a 16-month-old had ingested marijuana. The child’s godparents told detectives that they were contacted by the daycare after the child threw up what was believed to be marijuana. Daycare workers were reportedly unable to reach the child’s mother.

Detectives identified the mother as 24-year-old Shaderrickka Williams. Williams told detectives the marijuana was accidentally knocked off the kitchen table. She claimed it didn’t belong to her but that she was aware of its presence.

Officials say they later discovered a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old were also present for the incident. All of the children are expected to be okay.

Williams was arrested and charged with three counts of improper supervision of minors.

It is important to note that no amount of THC is safe for children. Consumption of edibles can result in symptoms of “marijuana intoxication” or THC poisoning. Products with high THC concentrations increase the risk of excessive consumption and can lead to greater intoxicating effects. Excessive THC can negatively impact the developing brain, particularly affecting mood and memory. Parents must understand the THC content in edible products, how THC is absorbed by the body, and how to keep children safe from accidental ingestion.



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