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Mother, son create 'reverse edible' chocolate for 'soft landing' from marijuana high

BOSTON - The legalization of recreational marijuana in Massachusetts has more people than ever experimenting with cannabis. But with that experimentation, can come a high you may not like or expected.

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A mother and son team from Boston believe they may have a solution called "Soft Landing."

"I like to describe it as a reverse edible," says recent Cornell University graduate Eli Stoloff. "So, whereas a normal edible brings you up with THC, Soft Landing brings you down."

Stoloff says during his time at Cornell, he heard stories of students taking edibles with no easy way to come down quickly.

"It's because of the delayed effect of edibles," Stoloff told WBZ-TV. "You eat a gummy bear, wait 10 minutes, I haven't felt anything, and you eat two more. An hour later you're on your bathroom floor wondering where you are."

Stoloff and his mother Alice Stone developed a chocolate bar they say gives marijuana users more control over their high.

Stone is an entrepreneur with a background in non-traditional methods of healing. Together they discovered a medical journal article describing a naturally occurring molecule found in a number of herbs and spices that could reverse the effects of THC - the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

"After a lot of trial and error and tinkering we came to the final formula of the best way to deliver the maximum amount of this molecule," Stoloff said.

Then they took the next step and had a medical survey conducted on Soft Landing, which found 80 percent rating it "effective" or "very effective."

Sean Hope the co-founder of Yamba Market in Cambridge is now an investor. He has tried the chocolate out for himself.

"It really balanced me out," Hope told WBZ. "And I felt the impact right away. And my conclusion was, this works!"

And Stoloff and Stone believe they found the right chemistry for the future.

"I think we've got a winner here and I feel like together we can be unstoppable," Stoloff said.

Next up, Soft Landing is nearly set to hit the consumer market and remains active in looking for its next round of investors to scale production.


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