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Nearly 9k illegal marijuana operations shut down in Oklahoma, AG says

TULSA, Okla. — Lots of changes are coming to the marijuana industry in Oklahoma, especially for those who are growing and selling it illegally.

2 News reported in November when the Oklahoma Attorney General's Crime Task Force, in partnership with Wagoner County, found more than 72,000 pounds of black market weed at a Porter business.

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Two weeks after that, the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics seized a 14-building illegal marijuana compound in Locust Grove. It's a cause for concern for state agencies but also for people who live near them, like Kelly Mishler.

"I'm all for medical marijuana," Mishler said. "I'm just not into people coming in here from other countries, and there are a lot of them."

Those who work in the marijuana industry told 2 News it's also hurting grows and dispensaries that are doing it the right way.

Oklahoma Attorney General Genter Drummond said this time last year, Oklahoma had more than 12,000 illegal weed operations. Now, there's less than 3,000.

Many of them are operated by straw owners. A straw owner is often paid to be listed on the license as the business owner, so they'll pass the background check and meet Oklahoma's residency requirement but aren't involved in the business.

"Folks, that makes you complicit in the crime. I will put you in prison," Drummond said.

Drummond said no fewer than 10,000 illegal immigrants in Oklahoma are directly involved in illegal marijuana, fentanyl distribution, and human and sex trafficking industries.

He said in the year ahead, it's going to be contingent on local law enforcement, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, and state agencies to put an end to illegal marijuana in Oklahoma.

"Everybody is coalescing to become an organized anti-crime task force in Oklahoma, and it's gotten great results," Drummond said.

If you or someone you know believes there is an illegal weed operation near you, the Attorney General's Office has set up an anonymous tip line so it can be reported.


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