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New Initiative Seeks To Empower Disadvantaged Youths And Drive Innovation In The Cannabis Industry

by Javier Hasse, Benzinga Editor

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As two titans join forces, the horizon of opportunity widens for the disadvantaged youth of America. In an unprecedented initiative, PVJOBS, renowned for its workforce development for at-risk and disadvantaged individuals, has teamed up with superbad inc., a cannabis technology company, with the goal of stimulating social change while propelling the cannabis industry into its next era of evolution.

Through years of resolute advocacy, PVJOBS has established a transformative ecosystem for disadvantaged populations, focusing on constructing career paths for at-risk youth, adults and veterans. The organization has shaped a robust infrastructure, offering employment preparation, job development and supportive services. These state-and-federally-funded programs are designed to empower individuals with the necessary skills, training and certifications, fostering an inclusive environment for all, regardless of their past.

"Every person deserves a career, regardless of their past," asserts Mary Taylor, executive director at PVJOBS. "Our mission extends beyond providing employment; we aim to breathe life into local communities through our initiatives. Collaborating with superbad inc. allows us to magnify this impact."

On the other side of this alliance, superbad inc., steered by CEO Carlos Dew, has sculpted a niche in the global cannabis industry. The firm's mission hinges on fusing innovative technology with contemporary design to deliver an unrivaled cannabis experience. Prioritizing quality from seed to sale, superbad inc. is committed to engendering trust among consumers through their top-notch products.

Carlos Dew, excited about the partnership, remarks, "We share PVJOBS' commitment to empowering individuals. By providing PVJOBS' graduating students with gainful employment, we strive to fulfill this mission."

Dew's recent masterclass, "Cannabizzness 101," embodies his dedication to community empowerment. This comprehensive introduction to the cannabis industry covers crucial aspects from regulations, green technology, testing and compliance, to budgeting and planning. Students, selected based on age, justice involvement and low-income status, were remunerated for their engagement throughout the six-week course.


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