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New Jersey Regulators Seek Input On Expanding Marijuana Edibles To Include Infused Drinks and More

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New Jersey marijuana regulators are accepting public comments on proposed rules to expand the types of edible cannabis products that could be sold at licensed shops, including beverages, chocolates, baked goods and jams.

As it stands, the state’s legalization law restricts cannabis edibles to non-perishable products such as lozenges, pills and gummies—a limited variety compared to other adult-use states.

Now, months after regulators already waived certain requirements to authorize the sale of additional marijuana edible types, the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission (NJ-CRC) has opened a 60-day public comment period on proposed rules to codify an expanded list of infused products that medical and recreational shops could offer.

“We believe that cannabis edibles have the potential to provide an alternative and convenient method for adults to access cannabis, and the proposed regulations aim to establish clear guidelines for their responsible production, labeling, and sale,” NJ-CRC Executive Director Jeff Brown said in a press release last week.

Under the proposal, the current rules would be amended to allow the sale of infused single serving beverages containing up to five milligrams of “active THC,” as well as “shelf stable food” including “chocolates, gummies, baked goods, butters, jams, and jellies.”

Workers who manufacture the edibles would need to undergo additional food safety training on the “causes and prevention of food-borne illnesses.”

NJ-CRC has also proposed allowing ingestible products in the shape of a cannabis leaf to be sold. They still could not resemble “realistic or fictional human, animal, or fruit, or part thereof, including artistic, caricature, or cartoon renderings.”

“The rules are part of a set of policies adopted by the NJ-CRC in September aimed at expanding product offerings in the New Jersey cannabis market,” regulators said. “Key components of the proposed edible rules will enhance variety, safety, and quality of edible products.”

The public, stakeholders and experts are being encouraged to submit feedback on the regulations by the December 15 deadline.


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