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No Retrial Coming After $20M Cannabis Investor Verdict

By Mike Curley (May 3, 2024, 2:20 PM EDT) -- A Los Angeles judge has denied a bid by CADM Inc. for a retrial following a $20 million verdict against it and its affiliates on claims that they defrauded investors with a real estate scheme, finding that the motion was not served to the proper attorneys on time, and even if it had been, the judgment would stand

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CADM Inc. attempted to appeal the verdict of a $20 million lawsuit but encountered a setback due to procedural issues.

The judge denied their bid for a retrial, citing problems with the timing and service of the motion.

Additionally, the judge indicated that even if the motion had been properly served, the original judgment would still stand. This suggests that the court found sufficient evidence to support the fraud claims against CADM Inc. and its affiliates.

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