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Oklahoma cannabis businesses shut down following Kay County bust

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Officials show some of the confiscated marijuana from the busts.

A handful of marijuana businesses were shut down in Kay County last week. The Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority and law enforcement in the north central Oklahoma county worked together to respond to complaints about medical marijuana businesses in the area.

Five marijuana businesses were shut down after the two groups conducted several routine compliance inspections, citing illegal activities such as untraceable and untagged marijuana. Last week, the state agency and law enforcement seized or embargoed 14,000 marijuana plants and more than 4,800 pounds of marijuana. The OMMA filed emergency orders to shut down the growers.

Earlier this year, the OMMA found through an independent study that Oklahoma might be producing 64 times more marijuana than medical patients need.

Drummond is asking anyone with information about suspected illegal grow operations to submit a tip to the Office of the Oklahoma Attorney General. A complaint form is available at by clicking on the “Illegal Marijuana Tipline” tab. Tips also can be sent to and reporters can remain anonymous.


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