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Omaha lawyer charged with manufacturing psychedelic drug

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An Omaha attorney is facing drug charges after authorities discovered a large amount of psychedelics and heroin at his home on Oct. 31.

Jonathan Lawler, 34, posted $10,000 bail Nov. 13 on charges of manufacturing a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance.

According to Omaha police, officers learned of Lawler’s alleged operation at his home near Tucker Street and Northridge Drive in the Florence area.

The owner of the home reported to officers that he was doing routine maintenance Oct. 15 when he discovered what he believed to be a narcotics manufacturing operation and took a photo of four large mason jars filled with an unknown dark substance inside Lawler’s bedroom.

Officers learned from the landlord that another man, later identified as Christopher Mayeaux, 47, had taken the jars prior to police arriving at the home and was found with them in the woods nearby.

Mayeaux was apprehended and the jars were seized. Mayeaux is charged with possession of a controlled substance and tampering with physical evidence. He is currently out on bond awaiting his next hearing Dec. 7.

Police executed a search warrant and found more than 10 pounds of dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, along with manufacturing equipment including a heat lamp and ventilation system.

The Drug Enforcement Administration says DMT is used illicitly for its psychoactive effects, which are described as intense and of short duration. DMT is generally smoked or consumed in brews.

On Oct. 17, police found Lawler in the front passenger seat during a traffic stop and took him to central headquarters.

“Lawler admitted to manufacturing the dark-colored liquid substance that was located inside his bedroom,” and that “he was in the process of making soap,” the arrest affidavit reads.

Police said Lawler admitted to knowing what DMT is after denying several times he had ever heard of it and was not being forthcoming with information about how DMT was manufactured.

Lawler’s next hearing in court is scheduled for Nov. 29.



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