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Parenting and Pot: The Cannabis Chronicles

By Stone Slade, High at 9 Newshour

Welcome, parents and caregivers, to a frank and practical discussion about parenting in the era of cannabis. I'm Stone Slade, coming to you not just as a news corespondent but as a parent who's navigated the ever-changing tides of parenting, cannabis, and rock 'n' roll. With my own kids spanning ages 31, 27, and 16, I've got some unique insights to share.

Chapter 1: Rewind and Reflect - A Personal Journey Let's take it back to the '70s, when my folks openly consumed cannabis, and I was the unofficial joint courier backstage at Grateful Dead concerts. Joint in hand, innocently delivering it from Jerry Garcia to who-knows-who. Reflecting on my own childhood, I understood early on the importance of demystifying it. Now, as a parent, I've aimed to break the taboo surrounding cannabis by engaging in honest discussions with my kids, rather than shrouding it in mystery.

Chapter 2: The Little Ones - Keeping It Simple and Safe With younger children, it's crucial to frame cannabis as an adult medicine that's off-limits to them, just like any prescription drug. We played the 'Mommy and Daddy's Medicine' card. You know, the old “this helps us but it's our little secret” spiel. It's a bit twisted, but hey, so is having a DARE officer quiz your kids about your weekend habits. Safety is paramount here - ensuring that all cannabis products, especially edibles, are securely stored and out of reach. There have been far too many recent reports of bad parents leaving their edibles out, making the prohibitionists jobs way too easy.

Chapter 3: Teen Talk - Building Trust and Understanding Navigating the teenage years requires a blend of honesty and leading by example. The "do as I say, not as I do" approach falls flat. It's about cultivating a relationship where open dialogue about substance use, including the risks of today's more dangerous drugs like Fentanyl, is encouraged. Fentanyl is no joke – this talk could save their lives.

Chapter 4: Cannabis for Kids? A Complex Debate While there are compelling stories about cannabis providing relief for serious conditions in children, it's important to remember that it's not a universal remedy. Making informed decisions about cannabis use for children, especially when considering CBD and THC, requires careful thought and often, medical advice.

Chapter 5: College Bound - Setting Boundaries with Understanding As our kids move into their college years, the landscape of substance use changes. It's not about blanket prohibition, but about having informed discussions on responsible use and the importance of prioritizing their health and future aspirations.

Conclusion: A Path Forward in the Cannabis Dialogue

In this evolving landscape where cannabis intersects with our daily lives, our responsibilities as parents encompass more than just care and guidance; it involves initiating and maintaining open, honest conversations about cannabis use. This guide aims to provide you with insights and strategies to tackle these discussions head-on, leveraging our own experiences to empower our children to make informed and thoughtful decisions. As we continue to navigate these conversations, let's embrace a parenting approach that balances wisdom, openness, and a healthy dose of humor. Here's to fostering a future where our children are well-equipped to make choices that are right for them in a world that's ever-changing.

This is Stone Slade, hoping this guide helps you in having meaningful and effective conversations about cannabis with your children. Reporting for High at 9 Newshour, remember to stay informed, be open, and approach parenting with both wisdom and a touch of humor



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