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Permitting process for four marijuana retail sales shops in Encinitas in the early stages

Only one of the four applicants has started the city or state paperwork, city staff report


FEB. 26, 2023 5 AM PT

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Only one of the four lottery winners for city cannabis retail sales permits actually has started the paperwork process to obtain the required permits, so it’s going to be a while before any shops open in Encinitas, city officials report.

Mayor Tony Kranz asked for a status report at the end of Wednesday’s City Council meeting, saying he wanted to dispel some of the “chatter” in the community about when the cannabis shops will start operating.

In 2020, Encinitas voters approved Measure H, which permitted four cannabis retail sales businesses, as well as cultivation, manufacturing and distribution businesses, subject to certain regulations and restrictions. Last fall, the city held a lottery for the four retail sales permits.