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The RAW Rebuttle: Josh Kesselman is Lighting Up and Firing Back

A Message from RAW

RAW® is an underdog success story. With your support, we have risen to be a global brand beloved by discriminating smokers. Under the vision of our founder Josh Kesselman, RAW® is now one of the global leaders in rolling papers and smoking innovations.

RAW is an independent company run by a tight-knit team, whose members truly love what they do. We are very proud of our reputation for quality products, the positive standing we have established in the industry, and the love our customers share for the RAW® brand and its values.

You may have heard some hurtful and inaccurate rumors floating around out there about RAW. We deeply regret any uncertainty they have created for our community of supporters – and want to take this opportunity to clarify some aspects of our business:

  • RAW® Organic Hemp rolling paper booklets are made in Benimarfull, a quaint village in the Alicante Province of Spain (see the location on Google Maps: Benimarfull)

  • Our paper is milled at the finest mills in the South of France, and the milled paper rolls are sent to Benimarfull, Spain where they go through a special process to be made into either the beautiful sheets of RAW in your booklet or finished and sent onwards to be rolled into a cone.

  • All RAW® Organic Hemp papers are indeed made with true unbleached certified organic hemp

  • As an independently owned company, RAW’s philanthropic efforts of over a decade (now called RAW Giving) have contributed more than $2.5 million in direct cash contributions, plus in-kind contributions of $186,174 to a wide variety of charities. RAW’s in-kind gifts helped the charities raise an additional $590,661 for themselves. These top charities received more than $20,000 each for a total of $2.3 million:

  • Water is Life International

  • Senai International

  • Wine To Water

  • Boy’s Hope Girl’s Hope