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Ready-to-use, pre-ground cannabis gains popularity in Canada

By Solomon Israel

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Cannabis users usually scrutinize their bud — its size, its structure, its dankness — before grinding it up for consumption.

In Canada, though, a growing number of cannabis consumers have a different ritual: opening up a bag of pre-ground flower that’s ready to roll into a joint or pack into a pipe or vaporizer.

Growth in the ground-cannabis segment appears to be propelled by convenience-seeking, value-conscious consumers, although the Canadian trend hasn’t reached U.S. cannabis markets.

Milled marijuana shoppers are so devoted that Ontario cannabis store proprietor Jennawae Cavion calls them “Shredheads,” referencing the popular Shred brand of ground cannabis from Canadian grower Organigram Holdings.

Based on past experience, Cavion associated ground cannabis with poor quality, and at first she didn’t stock it.

“We were, in my opinion, probably a month too late jumping on that trend, even though customers were asking us for it,” said Cavion, founder of two Calyx + Trichomes stores in Kingston, Ontario.

“It’s been a total force, and honestly the Shred in particular. … We have a town full of bong-smokers, so these Shredheads just love it.”

Grinding open an opportunity

Although ground flower remains a niche, value-oriented segment, its growth in Canada over three years merits attention.</