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Republicans Have Virginia Going Backwards on Cannabis

February 27, 2023

7:10 am

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Virginia made history in 2021 as the first Southern state to legalize adult-use cannabis. Still, the state’s progress could come to a screeching halt with Republican lawmakers moving to defund the state’s cannabis regulatory agency, the Cannabis Control Authority (CCA), and killing a regulatory bill that would have helped launch the state’s adult-use market. These actions have generated uncertainty in the industry and put the future of legal cannabis sales in Virginia in jeopardy.

The Two-Party System And Cannabis Policy

The move by Virginia’s Republicans to defund the CCA and halt regulatory efforts for the state’s adult-use market highlights one of the most significant issues with cannabis policy in the United States: the two-party system. With each party taking a different stance on cannabis, the future of legalization and regulation can change drastically depending on which party is in power. Virginia’s situation is a perfect example of how a change in government can bring about swift changes in cannabis policy.

Cannabis Policy In Virginia

Virginia had a limited medical marijuana program since 2020 before legalizing adult-use cannabis in 2021. The legalization bill was signed into law by the state’s former governor, a Democrat, with sales expected to begin on January 1, 2024. However, with the new governor, a Republican, in power, Virginia’s future with cannabis is in jeopardy. The Republican governor has shown more interest in regulating products containing intoxicating hemp-derived cannabinoids like delta-8 THC than implementing an adult-use market.

Republicans Move To Defund The CCA

The Virginia House Republicans have proposed a state spending plan that would cut nearly 70% of the CCA’s budget, which is a significant blow to the regulatory agency tasked with implementing the state’s adult-use program. The proposed budget amendment is still subject to negotiations in the coming days, but it has created uncertainty and fear within the industry.

The acting head of the CCA, Jeremy Preiss, told Richmond TV station WRIC via email that the agency was caught off guard by the potential budget cuts, adding that they “could undermine the regulation of medical cannabis and initiatives that address public health risks associated with marijuana legalization.”

Republicans Kill Regulatory Bill

In addition to defunding the CCA, Virginia’s Republican-controlled state General Assembly committee killed a bill to regulate the state’s impending adult-use market. The bill was sponsored by a Democrat, state Sen. Adam Ebbin, and was designed to help launch the state’s adult-use market by figuring out key regulatory details. With the bill being killed, it is unclear how the state will proceed with its legalization efforts.

On the other hand, the Democrat-controlled state Senate has proposed a budget that would allocate an additional $6 million to the CCA to help implement a regulatory structure for Virginia’s adult-use market. However, with Republicans controlling the House of Delegates, it remains to be seen whether this proposal will be accepted.

The Benefits Of A Bipartisan Approach To Marijuana Policy

A bipartisan approach to marijuana policy would be the best way forward. Instead of constantly fighting against each other, Democrats and Republicans should work together to create policies that benefit everyone. There are many benefits to a bipartisan approach, including increased public support, improved public health and increased economic benefits.

Increased Public Support

A bipartisan approach to marijuana policy would increase public support for legalization and regulation. According to a recent Gallup poll, 68% of Americans support marijuana legalization, and this number is only expected to grow. If both parties worked together to create sensible policies, they would be more likely to gain public support for their efforts.

Improved Public Health

Marijuana policy affects public health, and a bipartisan approach could help to improve it. Democrats and Republicans could work together to create policies that ensure the safety of cannabis products and reduce the harms associated with use. This would benefit all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation.

Increased Economic Benefits

Marijuana legalization has the potential to bring significant economic benefits to states. A bipartisan approach could help maximize these benefits by creating policies that promote the industry’s growth while ensuring public safety. This would benefit both businesses and consumers, as well as the state as a whole.

The Future Of Virginia’s Marijuana Industry

The future of Virginia’s marijuana industry is uncertain, but it is clear that it is facing significant challenges from the Republican party. The proposed budget amendment to defund the CCA by nearly 70% is just the latest attack on the industry, and it creates even more uncertainty for businesses and consumers alike.

However, there is hope for the future. Democrats are still fighting for the industry’s growth, and there are signs that public support for marijuana legalization and regulation is growing. If Democrats and Republicans can work together to create sensible policies, Virginia’s marijuana industry could become a model for other states to follow.


In conclusion, the recent moves by Republican lawmakers in Virginia to defund the state’s marijuana regulator and kill bills intended to regulate the state’s adult-use marijuana industry are clear examples of the challenges faced by the cannabis industry in a politically divided country. While the state’s Democrat-controlled government had made strides toward legalizing and regulating cannabis, the election of a Republican governor has led to a reversal of much of that progress.

The proposed defunding of the Cannabis Control Authority by nearly 70% threaten to undermine the regulation of medical cannabis and initiatives that address public health risks associated with marijuana legalization. The proposed budget amendment by Virginia’s House Republicans is not final, and negotiations in the coming days may change the outcome.

It is noteworthy that while Republicans continue to push back against legalizing cannabis, several prominent Republican lawmakers at the national level have publicly expressed support for legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana, indicating a shift in attitudes towards cannabis among some Republicans. This disparity between state and federal-level views on marijuana legalization adds further complexity to the issue.

Despite the challenges, the cannabis industry in Virginia remains hopeful. The Democrat-controlled state Senate’s budget proposal earmarks an additional $6 million for the CCA’s implementation of a regulatory structure for Virginia’s adult-use industry. In addition, advocates for cannabis legalization continue to push for change, and recent surveys indicate that most Americans, including Republicans, support legalizing cannabis.

The case of Virginia underscores the need for a bipartisan approach to legalizing cannabis that considers all stakeholders’ views. Lawmakers must work together to create a framework that balances public health and safety concerns with the economic benefits that legal cannabis can bring.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and expand, policymakers at all levels of government must come together to create sensible and sustainable regulations that benefit both the industry and the public. The political climate may be uncertain, but with the right approach, progress can still be made toward a future where legal cannabis is a reality for all Americans.


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