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Richmond dispensary installs EV chargers with support from cannabis brands

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With help from its friends in the cannabis industry, 7 Stars Holistic Healing Center recently installed four electric vehicle chargers at its dispensary at 3219 Pierce St. in Richmond.

The charging stations were installed with support from cannabis brands Kiva, Sol Spirit Farm, Wyld, and Native Humboldt. MCE Energy provided technical assistance and financial support, according to 7 Stars.

Cannabis suppliers that deliver to 7 Stars multiple times per week will use the dispensary’s new EV chargers. Kiva owns an EV and Sol Spirit Farm is exploring EVs as part of its operations.

7 Stars uses MCE Energy’s Deep Green 100 percent Renewable Energy, contributing to California’s zero emissions transportation goals. The Richmond dispensary is also exploring options for creating a zero emissions delivery service.

“To stop climate change every industry has to reduce or eliminate carbon emissions, and a crucial part of that is electrifying transportation,” says Ian Elwood, director of marketing. “By offering on-site EV charging, and by using renewable wind and solar power, we are setting the standard for the cannabis industry and encouraging others to rise to the challenge.”


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