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Seed Junky Seeks Damages Against Cookies For Breach Of Contract And Other Allegations

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SeedJunky has sued Cookies, Berner and multiple other individuals and entities over a failed joint venture to develop, license, and market cannabis genetics developed by SeedJunky. The complaint filed on July 3, 2023 in Los Angeles Superior Court alleges 12 causes of action against the defendants which range from breach of contract, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, trade libel, to an accounting. The complaint seeks compensatory damages, punitive damages, disgorgement of profits and preliminary and permanent injunctions against the defendants. It is alleged that in 2019 a joint venture, Minntz, LLC, was formed to bring to market cannabis products based upon SeedJunky genetics. The genetics which were contributed in exchange for 49% membership ownership in the newly formed company. Its alleged that the defendants saw Minntz, LLC as a threat to the Cookies Brand which caused the defendants to work together to steal the genetics, misappropriate income, misapply expenses for defendant affiliated companies to Minntz, LLC, and generally work in concert to torpedo the interests of both Minntz, LLC and SeedJunky. It’s important to remember that these are allegations and the defendants have not responded to the complaint. This appears to be yet another example of how the pathos of a company’s control group can lead to the failure of businesses and litigation.


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