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Skittles Maker's IP Deal Ends 'Zkittlez' For Cannabis Co.

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By Dale Schafer

Skittles creator Wrigley and cannabis company Terphogz told an Illinois federal judge Monday they have reached a settlement over Terphogz's marketing and sales of its cannabis products under "Zkittlez," which includes a permanent injunction prohibiting the company from ever using the "Skittles" or "Zkittlez" marks and giving up a similarly named website.

On Tuesday, attorneys for the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Co. and California-based Terphogz LLC, submitted a joint motion for entry of judgment and permanent injunction to U.S. District Judge Jeremy C. Daniel, informing the court the parties had reached a settlement as of June 28, after a year of negotiation.

"An injunction is required to stop the likelihood of confusion and dilution and prevent irreparable injury to Wrigley," Monday's joint motion says. According to the injunction provisions, Terphogz is barred from ever using "Zkittlez" or "Skittles" or any other similar term or mark in connection with the marketing and sales of its cannabis products. Terphogz must also give up a website domain to Wrigley.


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